Pirate PR on Refugees & Manus Island crisis

I’m not sure what we should say exactly except I know that we should say something.

In my opinion, the way we allow our government treat others rocks our Australian identity to it’s core on a human level.

Here’s a pad: https://pad.pirateparty.org.au/p/manus-island-crisis-2017 let’s make a PR.

Target timeframe: By Monday.

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I managed to think of a few things to say to get us started. Please help contribute.

I gave it an edit, will poke at it some more, but needs more eyes on it.

I think it would work as a statement such as I proposed here. You should also email the NC and PDC for contributions because email is likely to reach them before a post here.

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Thanks for your contributions.

I looked over the proposal, sounds good, I’ll reply shortly.

For this PR specifically I think it is important that we have it on record that we say something about such a serious topic than to say nothing, even if it doesn’t generate us a lot of attention, because this is the sort of thing that we can look back on to show what side we’re on.

Although using charged language like pointing out that they are concentration camps would hopefully generate some interest too!

I agree whole heartedly. The behaviour of our government shames us all. Bring them all to the Australian mainland under Australian law and be assessed for refugee status.

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PR is finally up: https://pirateparty.org.au/2017/11/15/pirate-party-australia-condemns-the-australian-governments-treatment-of-refugees-on-manus-island/

We are going to wait until tomorrow to actually promote on social media to let the Marriage Survey results coverage sink in.