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Continuing the discussion from Should there be a limit on the number of children one person can have?:
Last night’s Four Corners and Q&A focused on population. It seems most Australians feel that there are enough of us - we don’t need any more people. I reckon we can’t sustain the numbers we have for much longer.

Discussion centred mostly around things like economics and infrastructure. I reckon the environment is what will bite us, but that got surprisingly little attention.

The last ten minutes of Q&A are quite positive. If we’re to reduce our immigration intake, then perhaps we can compensate with foreign aid - encouraging people to stay where they are.

Population is a minefield. Do we want the Party to have a policy? If so, what should it be?

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For context regarding Q&A

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The video can be downloaded from the link in the OP. The Four Corners episode can be viewed from the link in the same piece. There are transcripts at those links as well.
Both are also on iview: Four Corners; Q&A.