PPAU's PPI Court of Arbitration challenge successful

Hey folks,

We recently challenged a decision by the PPI board to begin levying fees from members based on a faulty motion at the 2014 General Assembly.

The Court of Arbitration ruled this morning that the motion was invalid and fees are currently 0 euros.

As an aside, the motion, “FM-1: Conditional withdrawal from Pirate Parties International”, agreed to by vote of the membership at Pirate Congress 2014, has not yet been acceded to.

Specifically, the board has not yet hosted an online GA as required by the motion. The National Council and International Relations Team are working to resolve at least this issue before January 31.

There has also been spotty attendance to board meetings, which the PPI board minutes reflect, which we have been looking into but have yet received limited information.

Anyway, here’s to hoping 2015 is a better year! :smile:

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