Monthly Brief - January 2015

Words from President

Happy new year, Pirates!

The usual happened over the holiday break: the Government continued being dodgy, pushing forward with their agenda of instituting data retention as soon as possible, and requesting that network admins respond to a survey on Christmas Eve, which originally had a deadline of January 9, while many will still be on leave, or only having limited time to respond.

Clearly, they don’t want any engineers telling them just how stupid their plan is.

Do contact your federal MP and senators and inform them to not support the data retention legislation.

We have finally made progress in PPI over the holiday break. Our complaint to the Court of Arbitration regarding affiliation fees was upheld, and the board has agreed to a motion where we will assist in the formulation of an online general assembly.

While technically the conditions for withdrawing from PPI have already been met due to Masa being removed from the board, and the GA occurring after our deadline, the National Council has no intention of leaving PPI at this time.

Also a final reminder that I leave for Sweden on the 15th of January, and that this should have limited impact on my role in the Party.

Membership renewals begin at the end of the month if everything goes to plan.

Let’s make this year the most productive year yet!

Rundown of recent happenings

In the Party

  • A review of our past year was published by the Pirate Times.
  • As mentioned, our International Relations Team has been working with PPI on a range of reforms to improve the international organisation, namely in regard to support for hosting an online General Assembly and clarifications surrounding member fees and processes. PPAU members passed a motion at our the last congress stipulating a range of improvements we’d like to see occur within PPI to ensure our continued membership and this is a part of this process. Pirate Times have published a number of articles dealing with these matters:
  • PPAU delivers application to PPI Court of Arbitration.
  • Full text of the submitted application.
  • PPI board cannot collect fees, says Court of Arbitration.
  • Discussion topic on this matter.
  • Mozart did a Radio Interview with EastSide FM on 17th December:
  • The Pirate Times ran an article on our successful translation campaign.
  • A couple of small protests concerning data retention were held at Federal MPs offices. While turnout was small this is attributable to a number of factors, namely time of year, the pushing back of the data retention bill to the new year and little promotion. As a trial run it was a useful exercise and may be worth doing again with a longer lead time for promotion and as the data retention debate hots up again closer to any future vote.
  • We are working on submissions that are due soon in relation to the Data Retention bill and ALRC Freedoms inquiry.
  • PPAU will be working with the Pirate Parties International board on an online general assembly.

In the World

  • And here’s one enjoying a cool drink on a hot day:

Active campaigns

Recent meetings

Minutes for all official meetings of the National Council and Party Committees are recorded on the wiki.

National Council

Note that NC meetings have now moved from Thursdays to Wednesdays.

Policy Development Committee

We’re a bit backlogged with minutes but they’ll appear on these pages:


Press releases


The Party is currently using Xero to manage our finances.

As of 7 Jan 2015:

  • Transaction Account: $811.74
  • Savings Account: incoming $7,146.45

We also finally closed our old Bendigo bank accounts and are only using the recently created ANZ accounts.

Groups seeking volunteers

If you feel that you would like to be involved in any of these groups, or have any questions, please contact us.

Upcoming events and meetings

All official meetings and events are listed in the Party Calendar.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reply to this post!

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Wow, thank you so much Brendan. I have a quarrion (cockateil) as well. Now, although I have been quiet I am wanting to talk about Data Retention. George knows nothing and I think we have the upper hand. Steve Dalby is forgetting his win.
I think I might be able to help in Policy Development.