QLD state election?

Is the PPAU running candidates? Do they need more members to do so?

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Are you thinking of running? We would probably endorse someone at minimum if we don’t manage to run.

Yes we definitely need more QLD members

Check this out

Hi there - yep, we definitely need more Queenslanders to sign up before we can register at a state level and officially run candidates.

@Emily, @miles_w, I and anyone else interested will at some point do up a “this is everyone else’s policy and here’s how it compares to ours” table

i wouldnt want to run. Im considering joining but im not sure if there are other members around who would be receptive to my values. I just asked about joining because i know writs need to be finalised soon.


Well depends on your values, if Part I of our constitution describes our values the best: https://pirateparty.org.au/constitution/#part-i

If you agree with that, then our values are compatible. It’s not necessary to 100% support all policies to be a member.

Do you have any particular question or concern?

We are a pretty open bunch in being accepting of other ideas

We’re not registered at state level in any state, so AFAIK it’d be similar, if not same, to ACT election a few years ago where our candidates contested as INDs and we simply endorsed them.