Questions for potential candidates 2018/19 edition

(Solo Recluse) #21

Here’s something to ask, the right differently as the left:

How do you expect to seat your electorate?

What music do you propose for your electorate? .

What kind of alcohol do you propose for your electorate?

What kind of drugs do you suppose are in use with your electorate, both above board and below board?

(Joe Fury) #22
  1. Pass
  2. On chairs
  3. Bring your own
  4. Rubbing
  5. Coffee and Aspro (in my world, everything is above board or over board)


A few questions. Not sure if they have been asked/answered elsewhere, but:

  • Some PP members seem to have an affiliation with Unions. Is the PP affiliated with Unions and draw funding from them?
  • Has much thought been given to a new party name? I see there have been a few revisions over the years, but I feel the name will be made fun of and any good intentions or policies swept aside under a tidal wave of Murdoch bad press. Should you gain any traction, he would simply let through via his editors an avalanche of joke coverage.

(twisty) #24



tl;dr … we’re still Pirates


I can’t help but feel, that if special interests thought The PP were any sort of threat, then through their media assets, PP would be carpet bombed with disinformation and poisoning of the well of public perception about PP, through simple things like RRRRRR The PP me hearties. And made into a joke that people should distance themselves from.

(twisty) #26

Others feel/felt the same, some to the point of leaving PPAU. Those discussions took a lot of energy and time that could have been spent elsewhere. It’s been while and I for one am glad it’s done.

Bring it on!

pfft …



I actually don’t mind that. But PPAU won’t dictate how the public at large will perceive the PPAU, the media will and not many will give it a fair hearing I’m afraid. I guess you feel any publicity is good publicity. And fortunately, more people are developing a distrust of the main two parties. But on that, anyone in the know, realise that PHON and Clive Palmer will nearly always side with their own core values, which are closer to the Coalition. Same with the Shooters and Fishers and car enthusiasts. The Greens more often than not side with Labor.

I didn’t get an answer to my question about union affiliation, but if the PPAU has union affiliation, won’t it simply be viewed as Labor light? That is what the right-leaning talking heads will say I imagine and Labor itself will say, if you want strong union representation, then stick with Labor.

Perhaps this is not a problem for PPAU. I don’t understand enough of the strategy and dynamics of the party. These are just personal observations.

Now for the dumb arse questions morning breakfast shows would ask. A question (perhaps rhetorical) I might expect asked considering the image above. If you are pirates, the pita internet ones, then do you support internet piracy? And pirates typically engaged in illegal activities. Does the party support illegal activities? Setting aside the hypocrisy of that statement for a sec, considering both Labor and the Coalition have been complicit in a foreign policy that includes theft and murder.

And on that topic. What is the PPAU’s policy on “terrorists”, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other Middle East countries we are involved with? What is the position on Russia and China?

(Andrew Downing) #28

We have no union affiliation.

(Andrew Downing) #29

Supporting illegal activities is specifically forbidden in our constitution.

However, there is a significant distinction between pirates and common criminals that you should understand.
Have you noticed that we have pirate themed parties for our kids, but never thieves and murderers themed parties? There’s a reason for this.

Throughout history, pirates emerge when intolerable conditions are imposed on common men & women by the powerful elites of a civilisation. You can even see this in the modern day Somali pirates. They exist because their only livelihood (fishing) was destroyed by European fishing fleets.

The Pirate political movement started when the USA forced their copyright regime on Sweden under pressure via trade agreement, and the Swedish population saw it as an affront to their cultural perspective on sharing (being a good thing and fundamental to community). The USA copyright industry called them Pirates, and so they adopted the name and almost overnight created a political movement.that spread globally.

(Andrew Downing) #30

Pretty sure we don’t like terrorism as a thing at all.
We do have a defence policy, and it’s focus is to be defence, not offence capable.

What foreign policy we have is here:

Maybe you’d like to propose some more?


Thankyou for clearing that up. Upon reading the about page of your members, I took it the party did.


This is encouraging that this is acknowledged.


Thanks, I will check it out.