Tasks for Pirates Discussion

I have been trying to think of ways to make it easier for members to help out. It occurred to me that having a page that people could go to with a list of tasks that need to be completed would be an easy way to do this. I am starting this thread to hopefully work through the details and get some feedback before we mail it to members and promote it more widely.

Here is a rough draft of the wiki page.

I think it would be best for each idea for a new project to be a new thread so the idea can be discussed, volunteers can put their hands up etc. Admins would be responsible for updating the wiki (probably NC members to begin with, but really, anyone with a wiki account could do it).

I am not completely sold on this being the best way to manage it, but it is the best way I can think of at the moment.



Its a good start.

What would help is understanding where the projects come from and whats important about them. Yes this can seem obvious, but can help.

Also an understanding of the governance structure of the outputs of projects.


I’m not sure what you can do in the wiki but I recommend turning sections 3.1 & 3.2 into tables and adding a column for deadline (most will be NA) and one for Current Volunteers with a contact for new volunteers to get in touch.

I’d also add a 3.3 Completed Projects and move them down when they’re done, rather than deleting them. That way people get visible recognition and others can see what’s already been done.

Agree with @edeity, purpose and governance are important. I’d create a header to go on top of all pads or whatever a project team/lead uses that includes:
Work completed
Current status
Date of last update
Then anybody can see where it’s up to at any time.

It might also be worth looking at open source Kanban apps for teams. I think @fletcher posted a screenshot of Taiga once. There are a few but I have no experience with them.


Add some sources for the infographics so i dont fuck up the info and i’ll design em.


https://gallery.pirateparty.org.au/ is the repository for authorised Pirate Art … fwiw

Ack this is actually an area I should probably help in - designing numbers to communicate messages (not the actual graphics, others can probably do that as well/better, just the numbers themselves).

Do we have an actual message / policy area for a priority?

I have given it a once-over and updated the page based on the recommendations, I have yet to put in all the info explaining the relevance of each topic, but it is coming along. I will add a completed table too.

Not sure about how to do the pre-set headers for pads, might have to just put the text on the wiki page and instruct people to paste it in.

Check it out:

Tasks For Pirates

The NC as a contact is pretty much a placeholder for more relevant contacts.

I will dig up sources over the next few days and start something if @edeity doesn’t beat me to it.

The two biggest topics would be copyright and surveillance, take your pick which to start on. There are piles of sources if you dig through our press releases or just spend 5 minutes on google.

I’ll pull some options together on surveillance. I think that is the most resonant at this point in time.


Keep me in the loop mate …

I have worked on the Tasks For Pirates wiki page some more. Anything missing?

If people want to add tasks, please do… Or just suggest them here if you can’t / don’t want to edit the wiki.


Ive been spastic busy with work and home chewing up a lot of time. Apologies have not done any metrics stuff yet.

Speaking of copyright related artwork, I remembered that this came out a couple of months ago: https://law.duke.edu/sites/default/files/centers/cspd/musiccomic/Theft.pdf

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Another task (pretty horrendous grunt work really): updating reference URLs from the policy docs.

What archival mechanisms do we get to use for this one?

I’ve got the guts of a Basic Income script done. Some bits of its video would be best animated.

I have adobe premierre and after effects and could create the video if no one else wants to. This can include the animation, depending on type of animation.

We need first the audio track, so first thing is someone to do the talking and record.

Stylistically, my latest is playing around with kinetic text, so something like
Word Crimes by Weird Al Yankovic

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I’m going to give it an edit today (assuming my PC doesn’t die again). I timed a read and it takes 3:45 or so, probably more after the edit. Needs more sexiness at the front, diving straight into tax explanations is probably a bad idea.

I can do the voiceover and record it, I am set up with a shitty recording studio (you don’t need much when the music you do is electronic). Also, if there is a need for music, I can write short pieces to order in a day or two.


I redid the script under the Alex Jago version. I mainly re-ordered the script and cleaned it up a bit. Think it reads better this way. I won’t record until I get some feedback.

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Yep. Re-ordered version is good. Having looked over several popular thing-explainer youtube channels, background music should, of course, be fairly light and repetitive (get out of the way of the voiceover).

I’m timing readthroughs of specific sections, and I’ve annotated them under the headings of the re-ordered version.

Update: this here track should fit the timings fairly well and has appropriately minor or major sections.


@Frew, some discussion I’ve seen has convinced me that one of the groups we should be targeting with the BI policy is older women. If you haven’t gotten the audio all sorted yet, it might be worthwhile changing our example person to have a name more reflective of that demographic.


I have the audio sorted, as best as I am likely to do. I don’t think my voice is the best for voice-overs, but it is better than nothing.

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I gave it a crack myself, but I think I talk a little too fast, and between multiple takes and inconsistent microphone positioning… I’ll try again in a few hours when the house is quiet again.