Tasks for Pirates Discussion

(Frew) #21

I did three versions so far, all of them multiple takes. The one I posted was the best. I like yours better, but I don’t like the sound of my own voice, so I might be biased. I ran a noise reduction filter over the audio which cleaned it up.

(twisty) #22

won’t play for me.

I blame the cows.

(twisty) #23

… little bit.

try breathing … lol

“One take” is very tough.

(Alex Jago) #24

Well, I’m capable of talking more slowly; it’s a full 31 seconds longer. Pretty close to a single continuous take, too :rofl:


this won’t play for me either (on mobile) even though it looks like it should.

this script is probably something that would convince me to join the Pirates though. It’s really well put together and speaks to my core beliefs, and regardless of affiliation I’ll definitely spread the video once it’s finished.

(Frew) #26

It’s probably the format, the audio was in a .wav

Here is the MP3, I hope.

(Andrew Downing) #27

DL and play works for me on the MP3.
Nice clear message. Made the case well.
Reading was a bit monotone, we could sound more enthused.

(twisty) #28

I’m having my say on the UBI script here …
nice job @Frew and @alexjago, Excellent groundwork.

(Frew) #29

It took all of my concentration to be clear and intelligible, going to need a lot more practice to put emotion into it. I have developed a newfound respect for news readers, although they don’t have to be enthusiastic.

(Andrew Downing) #30

I can relate.
In several presentation skills workshops over the years, the one common critique I got was

           "Enunciate! Modulate your voice!"


(Alex Jago) #32

You’re going to have to elaborate for us mere mortals.

(Andrew Downing) #33

I took it to be a visual commentary on the way we were being self reflective. I could be wrong. It’s happened before.


Scene in Mr Robot where Tyrell is practicing his “off the cuff, elevator pitch” in the mirror.

Of particular note is the “you’re not a robot, warm it up!” and then slaps himself hard in the face before doing the speech again.

Semi related Tyrell clip. My favourite Mr Robot character.


Regarding sharing culture, Copy-Me has some really excellent videos about it and piracy as well. Something similar would be cool. I wonder if we could pirate the videos, rebrand them, and just use them for our own? :wink:


claiming you did something you did not is not authentic and uncool. Better options would be possible. But the idea of helpful content is very good.


Yeah just joking about that last bit. I like these sort of videos though, short, easily consumed, and with a clear message. I can see this sort of messaging gelling well with the PPAU

(Alex Jago) #38

There’s pretty much no reason why we can’t just link to the video though. (Or, more usefully, embed it.)

Good find @dawsy

(Alex Jago) #39

@MarkG, @Jesse_Hermans, there was some discussion last weekend about updating the numbers in the BI policy for inflation. Given that some of those numbers feed into the script for the video (and, I expect, will also feed into the graphics), can I request that this happens sooner rather than later?

(Jesse Hermans) #40

Sure. I’m up for that although Mark is the one with all the ATO spread sheet data etc. We’ll need to collaborate on it. Next PDC meeting is scheduled for the 15th of August. However for some reason it hasn’t been put in yet, I’ll send another email to itwg.