Tasks for Pirates Discussion

(Mark) #41

I need to update the source data and calculations. Shouldn’t take too long.

(Alex Jago) #42

Bump bump bump. Anyone good at video production?

Basic Income script is done, choice of two different people for voiceovers, what we need now is someone who can do the visuals.

(miles_w) #43

We can do most of it here in Brisbane (I can do editing and there’s a guy who’s interesting in doing acting) we just need someone with a video camera. I’ll start asking around.

(Alex Jago) #44

This one needs a lot of info graphics, too

(Alex Jago) pinned #45

(idcrisis) #46

From the last general meeting, a “how to vote” ready reckoner or card would be handy. Also given the so called “power of attorney” being handed by us voters unable to sift through the nuances, the minimum expectation would be for the Pirate “how to vote” card to be nuanced below the line stuff.

Also key recommendations to think for oneself if able and by all means vote completely different to the party line if an issue or candidate is well understood by the individual.

I personally have two matters, the ADSL exchanges to be allowed for all retailers to be able to a) sell Naked DSL and b) buy an ADSL line ( like iPrimus ). Currently Point Cook exchange has neither, all retailers have to buy Telstra wholesale ( which itself sounds like a proxy to make the point that the other utilities again have only one wholesaler to retail, only billing changes an icon in the name of fake competition).

Neither does it have NBN and arrival of which should not switch the above under the carpet.