The Pirate Bureau?


So first mention I see of it in a PPAU context is here:

Basically The Pirate Bureau is described as a spin-off of The Pirate Party to focus on lobbying of Pirate policies without actually being a political party in itself (and thus less conflict of interest when advocating our policies to other political parties)

I saw something about The Pirate Bureau recently but I didn’t get a chance to read it before the data loss incident (so I apologise if it’s already been answered) but I did find more info on the Wiki:

And also found this (but locked topic):

Which basically looks like it is merely a marketing effort for The Pirate Party.

These looks like two drastically different things. Care to explain what The Pirate Bureau is exactly and about doing a full spinoff as a totally separate organisation? (which by the way I think is a fantastic way to share our comprehensive policy platform far outside the walls of our own party)

This is an accurate statement of what the Pirate Bureau is:

The name ‘Pirate Bureau’ was used at someone’s suggestion, I do not recall exactly whose, and the Bureau itself bears little-to-no resemblance to either Piratbyrån or Brendan’s proposal.

The locked topic is the description of the category, which I restored as best I could at the request of @rundll and @twisty, after the data loss incident as you put it.

We have neither the financial or human resources to create a separate NGO purely for promoting the more technology-based Pirate ideals.


Thanks @Mozart for the clarification. I completely understand. Perhaps it’s something to look at in several years when we are in a better position to do such a thing.

Ideally this is where Electronic Frontiers Australia would step up.

Do we currently have much to do with them? Are there opportunities to expand our relationship and share platform?

At some points we’ve had board members in common with them. They appear to be decidedly apolitical, so becoming closer is unlikely.