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The upcoming online General Assembly (due for March 14) is in all likelihood the last chance we have to reform Pirate Parties International. We must take this opportunity to entirely overhaul the organisation and leave the negative culture of blame, misrepresentation, political intrigue and general disruption behind us.

An article I’ve written to explain our reform direction. :smile:


Nice one.
Have you had any feedback yet?

Some parties I’ve spoken to think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and are happy to assist in the development of a draft proposal.

I have begun the draft proposal too:

I’ve busted my chops on that draft proposal, and I now consider it for the most part to be in beta, excluding the sections marked TODO. :smile:

Please do review it with a critical eye and provide feedback.

I am confused. Today, I got an email in my inbox stating that there could be a possible motion to withdraw from PPI.

And then we have our President, Brendan aka. @piecritic stating here that a new draft to reform the PPI organization is under construction.

Why are we attempting to a propose a PPI reform whilst looking to remove our association with them?

If anyone here is like me and have a universal hatred towards GitHub, then you can grab Brendan’s draft here

The withdrawal motion has been put by @piecritic due to recent actions of the PPI board that have made reform extremely unlikely. We’ll have a summary of recent events up by the meeting tomorrow night.

Ok. I will catch up on the summary notes/minutes when meeting concludes.

The tl;dr of it is this:

  • I had the PPI board consider a motion for a General Assembly Team, a draft Rules of Procedure and a timeline for an online GA that would give all members equitable access to the deliberative aspects of the GA and minimise pointless bureaucratic disputes. The board passed this motion.
  • Everything was set in motion. I spent hours and hours on the statutes, and met with several parties to discuss it.
  • On Sunday, in a complete act of bastardry, the board revisited the motion. The PPDE delegates on the board acted in such a way as to cause the original motions to fail putting the online GA in a state of complete disarray.

This kind of complete bullshit is why we wanted to reform PPI. The good will has now dried up, therefore the only respectable thing left to do is leave.

PPI has now failed to meet every single point and subpoint of our conditional withdrawal motion.

We will continue to cooperate with new projects outside of PPI, something PPI never managed to achieve throughout its entire existence.

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For historical reference:

It is a great shame that it came to this, but it’s great to see PPAU leading the way to take the opportunity and something good from it, as I do firmly believe all international parties require a single international entity for representation and collaboration.

@piecritic how is the final name for the new global respresentative organisation be determined and decided?

Just FYI:

Little update to the situation. An announcement of a “2015 Pirate Parties International extraordinary online General Assembly” was posted overnight on the PPI mailing list. Representatives from Piratenpartij (Netherlands) and PPUK both soundly mocked the announcement.

@Archaic do you have a link to these mailing list entries?

I have viewed some of them, for which I see no mocking. I must be missing something.

Replies to this announcement email.
I took some of the initial replies from Lisa (see and others like Stephen Ogden and Antonio Garcia as mocking of their announcement.

Thanks. Reads like a TV series.

Seriously though, it’s a shame when members of different global Pirate Parties and PPI feel this way. We have to all remember, we all joined the Pirate movement to make a difference and fight for the same principles, all of which seem to be have forgotten by specific members, as clearly demonstrated in the mailing list entries.

While we are on the topic, I made some amendments to the Draft Reform architected by Brendan. The text which could be used as a basis for a new international body.

I contacted Brendan for opinion and follow-up, but realized he is currently on leave for 3 months.

In the meantime, the Draft’s I have been working on can be viewed online here

It seems that reforming PPI is on the minds of those involved. Finally, they may appear to be taking notice.

Pirate Parties International finally responded to the recent resignation of PPAU.

They contacted Freedom Publishers Union and the response can be read here

<hint: scroll down to bottom of the page for the response>