Party Improvement

Todo Tracking of action items, projects and wishlists within the party.
A new role of "Equity Officer" [Party Improvement] (7)

Pirates, During the recent PPAU Congress, there was some discussion about how welcoming PPAU is for women and minorities. Many participants believe that the lack of demographic diversity in the party is related to this …

Tasks for Pirates Discussion ( 2 3 ) [Party Improvement] (46)

I have been trying to think of ways to make it easier for members to help out. It occurred to me that having a page that people could go to with a list of tasks that need to be completed would be an easy way to do this. …

Artwork planning/requests [Party Improvement] (1)
Minor Party Alliance [Party Improvement] (3)
What's your thought on the current state of PPAU internal democracy? Should we experiment with a new voting system? ( 2 ) [Party Improvement] (26)
How do we encourage parties to work together effectively? [Party Improvement] (2)
Vector Graphics repository [Party Improvement] (6)
Whats your thought about Sortition? Aka the random selection of people into position of power? [Party Improvement] (15)
General Conduct in the Discussion Community [Party Improvement] (8)
Rethinking Press Releases [Party Improvement] (3)
Pirate Party memes ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) [Party Improvement] (133)
Swarm As Strategy [Party Improvement] (10)
Draft Strategic Plan 2017 for discussion and comment [Party Improvement] (1)
Are there any famous Pirate Party members/proponents? [Party Improvement] (4)
Be the change you want to see [Party Improvement] (13)
SA Election: Possibility of running as a named independent? [Party Improvement] (3)
Unite the tribes ( 2 ) [Party Improvement] (22)
Official Strategy for 2017-18 ( 2 ) [Party Improvement] (27)
Strategy - Party resources: local, state, federal? [Party Improvement] (19)
A Pirate focused "news agency" [Party Improvement] (11)
Alternative names for the Party ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [Party Improvement] (116)
Draft: Part 1 of Strategy for review and feedback [Party Improvement] (11)
Monthly Newsletter [Todo] (1)
Why you're a pirate: Non-IT edition [Party Improvement] (9)
Strategic Values Discussion [Party Improvement] (10)
First 90 days [Party Improvement] (13)
Sexism, inclusion, culture of the party [Party Improvement] (11)
Internal communications & engagement [Party Improvement] (10)
Edeity candidacy discussion thread ( 2 3 ) [Party Improvement] (47)
#piratecongress17 [Party Improvement] (6)